Caroline can transform your existing home into a new creation with beautiful, comfortable, and smart architectural design. Read the case studies below to find out how remodeled homes can transform living spaces.

Case Studies:

  • Parker Residence – Caroline re-invented this home by adding a big porch to create a welcoming craftsman facade.
  • Meyerhofer Residence – The awkward and dated floor plan was transformed into a into an elegant jewel. The result was award-winning, as Caroline received the San Diego Home and Garden’s 29th annual Best Remodel Home of Year award.
  • Koybayashi Residence - The house is inspired by famous early 20th century California architect Bernard Maybeck, mixing contemporary architecture with Arts and Crafts style.
  • Griswold Residence – Caroline was inspired by Southwest art, and used this inspiration to expand this 1950′s ranch style home into a warm, elegant home with Pacific Ocean views.