Caroline Dooley’s own home is designed to bring the outdoors in to each room of the house around a courtyard. The house is oriented to maximize solar space heating with windows facing south.  Unique,sustainable materials include sustainable rift cut oak cabinets, Parklex wood siding, and ground and sealed dark concrete floors. Translucent polycarbonite sheet roofing over dining patio protects the house and patio from the summer sun without sacrificing natural  light. Caroline designed and built this home with her husband Paul, a construction manager. “We love this house,” says Dooley.  ”It is so livable -I soak up the winter sun as I drink tea in the mornings looking out to the courtyard. Can be very hard to leave each day!”


  • Courtyard house – the private world within. Glimpses of that world from the entry; the house unfolds as you enter in to it. Doesn’t give it all away, rewards the curious.
  • Great passive solar heating and cooling: Courtyard on the south, sunny side of the property. House opens to that sunny courtyard so the warm sun heats up the interior concrete floor and the entire home in the winter. Summer sun is controlled by eave overhangs and the house remains cool.
  • Interior Materials and colors reinforce lightness, modernness, openness.
  • Experience of indoor/outdoor relationships created by the kitchen and courtyard.