A new ranch compound is designed to appear over 100 years old in the rustic style of Northern New Mexico. Oriented to the magnificent view of Starvation Peak, the home also faces south to warm the house and porch (portal). Sustainable materials and methods include: passive solar heating, ‘Perform Wall’ block system instead of wood framing for increased insulation, real mud plaster, true adobe blocks, stone quarried on site, salvaged wood ceilings, beams and floors, and a large solar panel array for electricity and space and water heating. The beautiful craftsmanship of the ranch buildings is due to the dedication of the construction team.

Caroline was engaged to build a very creative hacienda on a 1500 acre ranch east of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Working with the specific desires of our clients we have completed a Caroline Dooley project that reflects all that is the “ Land of Enchantment.” Caroline’s talent of detail, site and scale are a gift to any project.
- Tyaga S Baker, General Contractor, Tyaga & Co. Construction

Construction by Tyaga & Co. Construction, Tyaga Baker, Project Manager; and Hugo Patino, Onsite Supervisor
Interior design by Design Lines
Wood work by Bill Bruce


  • Old adobe, stone structures
  • Southwest facing portales or porches for maximum warm winter sun, and shaded summer sun
  • Old New Mexico missions like Santurario de Chimayo
  • Rusted corrugated metal roof
  • Mystical Catholic faith: we have an home altar space
  • Stone quarried on site
  • Facade of the Alamo facade inspired the workshop stone facade